A Compassionate Letter To Pilots…


Bethanie letter to pilot

The tweet shared by more than 2.5K Twitter users since it was posted on Monday by Jai Dillon.

Dillon, a pilot to start the same Airbus 320 that killed 150 people on board last week when a Germanwings plane operated by co-pilot Andreas Lubitz crashed into the French Alps.

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The letter, written by “Bethanie” is read as follows:

In light of the very recent tragedy in the French Alps and the loss of those poor 150 people, I feel the need to reach out to you and extend a compassionate hand. At the end of the day, we are all humans just trying to live this rollercoaster of a life we have been handed. I understand an event so horrific as this one affects those with your responsibility more than others, and maybe sometimes a kind word, random but heartfelt, can make a difference. I’m hoping to create a ripple effect and spread some compassion and understanding.

Thank you for taking me home. Thank you for doing so safely. Thank you for allowing me to live the life I do in Spain and split my time with my family in England too. You make the excitement I feel now to see my family possible. I hope you get to see your families soon. I’ve had a wonderful flight and hope you have too.

You’re making a massive difference and you’re the reason I can smile tonight.

Take care and spread love, kindest regards, Bethanie.

The compassionate note comes after the crash which has incurred global speculations regarding the mental health of Lubitz and air regulations in general.

An official memorial service for lives lost on Flight 9525 is scheduled to be held at Cologne Cathedral in Cologne, Germany on April 17th.

What do you think of Bethanie’s letter? Let us know in the comments.



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