This iPhonographer’s Instagram Is Beyond Incredible


Courtesy: Vimeo

We know an amazing travel photographer when we see one. Especially one who takes iPhonography to a whole new level.

Meet Kevin Russ.

If you don’t already know him, he is known in the social media world (hello, Instagram!) for his epic images, all captured by his iPhone. From black and white stills vibing tranquility, to powerful nature snapshots; Russ makes our selfie attempts look like total child’s play.

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As described in his video on Vimeo posted in 2013, Russ had been traveling around the great American west and living in his car most of the time. At this time, he had been solely snapping shots of nature and wildlife with his iPhone and BOOM! His Instagram blew up due to an array of wildly gorgeous photos.

Russ loves the Instagram community for its creative people, and the ease of sharing.

For one, the iPhone is always with me. It can fit into my pocket, and I can also process my photos on the same device, which is nice because I’m on the road a lot. It saves me a lot of time since I don’t have to be in front of a computer at all. I’d rather just be out shooting.

We’ve selected some of our favorite posts on his Instagram. Go follow this iPhonographer who is just killing it out there, and check out his website & Facebook.

Chunks of glacier. Torres del paine

A post shared by Kevin Russ (@kevinruss) on

From day two on the circuit at camp Dickson. Torres del paine

A post shared by Kevin Russ (@kevinruss) on

Isla Navarino, Chile

A post shared by Kevin Russ (@kevinruss) on

Like a quilt

A post shared by Kevin Russ (@kevinruss) on

Photos: Instagram/@kevinruss

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