#SweatyLife Can Be So Jetset With This Cult Fitness Platform


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For me, gyms are boring. I’d take running outside over the treadmill any day, but running everyday can get stale fast. Not to mention doing the same things works only the same muscles. How about studio classes? Well, they’re expensive, and like running, can get repetitive. That’s where ClassPass comes to the rescue.

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ClassPass, a web and mobile based fitness platform, allows members to attend classes from a range of different studios around the city. There are dozens and dozens of options, since a range of studios are affiliated. For $99 a month, members can go to their favorite studios, while trying out new ones. Booking a class is as easy as a click of a button, and you can book as many as you want. You can cancel a class up to 24 hours prior for free, but if you miss a class, you’ve got to pay $20 (lesson: don’t book unless you know you’re going!).

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So far, I’ve tried a range of pilates, barre, TRX, and even aerial classes (yes, it’s what you think). I’ve had the opportunity to visit studios I’ve always wanted try (zumba, anyone?) while regularly attending the classes I know and love. In addition to being an easy to use app, ClassPass is a great workout discovery tool.

But what about when you’re not at home?

Facebook ClassPass

With ClassPass Flex, not only can you access the plethora of studios in your city, but you can also access studios in other major cities. So if you’re traveling for work or play, there’s no need to wallow in the guilt of staying stagnant. Better yet, you can try new studios and workout with a new, refreshing crew of people. ClassPass is currently in eight U.S. cities including San Francisco, New York, Seattle, Boston, and Chicago. With ClassPass, No need to curse your awesome figure away the next time you’re on a work trip or vacation.

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