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Wendy Pokhara Nepal Himalayas

It’s been almost a week since I’ve been back in my childhood city of Taipei but haven’t been able to sleep well. For most of February, my family and I went on our annual Chinese New Year trip (2014: Iran, 2013: Russia, 2012: Israel/Jordan/Palestine…). The hot ticket this year was to Nepal, where I slept like a baby and ate like a cow.

Whether it was on a bus or at a not-so-glamorous lodge near a native safari, I functioned like a normal human being. Never mind the setting was a developing country, I slept 8 hours every night, maintained a high-energy level, ate tons of rice and naan bread (yes, carbs), read books I had always wanted to finish. Let’s be clear these things never happen when I’m settled in one city living a stationary or a so-called “normal” life in which I watch my daily carbohydrate intake like a hawk and call myself lucky if I can get 5 hours of sleep daily.

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Wendy Kathmandu Nepal temple

If you’re the kind of person who spends hours daydreaming about where to go next then religiously compare flights and hotels (hi, me too), you’re a travel lover. If your body clearly operates better when you’re on the road, your energy is sustained at the highest level, meanwhile your mind is consistently maximizing optimism and clarity, then you’re a travel junkie just like me.

It’s easy to be on a travel high in Nepal, in a land where people don’t have much but they carry the kindest smiles ready to welcome you into their homes and share their lives. Hygiene can be an issue for many travelers, hence the ability to drink bottled water – large amounts of them – on a daily basis is an underappreciated blessing. Particularly next to families living in houses without windows or children bundled in clothes sprinkled by dusts. But those sparkling eyes urged me to wonder how much I really need to be happy. These moments gave me the best travel high.

Wendy Pokhara Nepal children

This year, we launched Jetset Times SHOP. An extended platform where we collaborate with international companies and artists made of travel junkies just like us. Mr. Michael Yamaoka, a noted travel photographer born and raised in Japan but now permanently resides in New York, is a partnership I treasure. After the death of Mr. Yamaoka’s son in 1997, he decided to solely focus on personal photography, all related to traveling. Team JST and I have meticulously curated an exclusive collection our readers can purchase with less moolah than the prints being sold at art galleries in NYC.

Michael Yamaoka collection banner shopify smaller pixel

The best part is that I’m able to exercise #JetsetForGood with every item sold on Jetset Times SHOP.  With each photograph purchased, for example, a portion of the proceeds is donated to Harmony Home AIDS Association in Taiwan, a foundation that means a great deal to me.

As we march into spring, it’s all about cleaning out the clutter in our lives. Make sure to do things that give you a positive high and shine light on a better version of yourself. Here’s to being a travel junkie. Once you start, you can’t stop.

Much love,


Wendy Chitwan National Park Nepal


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