Inside Spain’s Most Famous Street For Epic Gastronomic Experiences


La Rioja Calle Laurel

Despite being Spain’s smallest autonomy and province, La Rioja has a lot to boast about. It is home to stunning views of wine country, the most amazing wine in the world, and Spain’s most famous street for delicious pinchos: Calle Laurel. The capital city of La Rioja was voted the gastronomic capital of Spain in 2012 and you will find many of the country’s tastiest culinary dishes all packed into a compact zone in the historic center of the region’s capital, Logroño.

Calle Laurel La Rioja Spain

Pinchos are like tapas, or, small snack-size dishes to have between meals with a drink. The difference is that pinchos often have a toothpick in them and are often served atop a slice of baguette. Each establishment on Calle Laurel and its neighboring streets specialize in two or three distinct dishes, so much of the fun lies in popping in and out of various restaurants and bars in order to try as many different tapas as you can. Each pincho or tapa costs between 1-5 euros and a glass of the best red wine you will ever have ranges from 70 cents to 3 euros. Despite not being Spain’s most well-known tourist destination, Logroño and La Rioja are well worth the visit just for the food and the wine.

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Here are a few local favorites and recommendations from locals living in Logroño that should convince you to make the worthwhile journey to Spanish wine country for an unforgettable gastronomic experience.


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