Are Your Tax Dollars Paying This U.S. Congressman’s Jetset Lifestyle?


Lunch with this old pal. A great man with a good heart. #43on41 #W @georgewbush

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Who doesn’t love to travel on private jets, and attending the hottest concerts?

We know that government officials may live a sweet life, but we don’t want them to flaunt it in our faces. After all, it’s our tax dollars that afford their lifestyles.

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But after the release of an Associated Press review, Illinois Congressman Aaron Schock has been widely criticized and now being watched under a microscope. Due to his social media postings, it’s clear his campaign money has been used for a very lavish lifestyle raising more than a few eyebrows.

From his Instagram, Schock does really cool things: meeting young monks in Myanmar, trekking the Perito Moreno Glacier in Patagonia, wining and dining luxuriously in Bozzukale, Turkey.

Young monks at Shwedagon Pagoda, Myanmar. 2,600 yrs old and contains relics of the four Buddhas. #peace ✌️

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Glacier time…..makes you wanna jump, jump 🎶 #MCHammermeetKrisKross #iceicebaby

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Enjoying tranquility #peace

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AP has tracked his spending via his Intagram posts and discovered that since mid-2011, $40,000 worth of flights were taken on planes that belonged to key donors. And his spendings on car mileage reimbursements ($18,000 since 2013) is one of the highest in Congress.

To deal with the PR crisis, Schock immediately hired renowned partners William McGinley and Donald McGahn of Jones Day to handle the situation. Schock is also working with GOP communications specialists Ron Bonjean and Brian Walsh. His spokesperson released a statement:

After questions were first raised in the press, Congressman Schock took the proactive step of assembling a team to review the compliance procedures in his official office, campaign and leadership PAC to determine whether they can be improved. Congressman Schock takes his compliance obligations seriously which is why he took this proactive step to review these procedures.

The 33-year-old congressman has been “the one to watch” in the Republic Party as a massive force to fundraise. But how far is too far? Do we truly want to see our politicians living a better life than we do? If we’re not along for the ride, the answer is most likely: probably not.

His office in Capitol Hill, also known as the “Downton Abbey” office, has been under scrutiny as well. Dark red walls, pheasant feathers, grandiose chandeliers are giving more reasons for investigations toward his spendings.

We all want to live a jetset lifestyle, but it seems more justifiable when it’s spent from the money we make. Seeing someone else spend the money we donate, well, at least don’t Instagram it then flaunt it in our faces.

Source: CNBC. Additional reporting by Jetset Times.

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