8 Things Passionate Travelers Do Every Day


If you’re frequently traveling to somewhere new, then you’re also most likely a lover of life. I’ve learned a few lessons from globetrotting and meeting truly fantastic people who happen to be avid travelers too. Here are some things we all have in common, applying what we’ve acquired from traveling to our everyday life.

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1. Don’t judge

If you’re passionate about traveling, chances are you’re probably passionate about people too. This only means, you’re not big on placing judgements on people since you hate it when people reflect their opinions upon who you are and what you do. From extreme poverty, squatting toilets to undrinkable tap water…everything you’ve witnessed (the good and the baddest) have taught you to never judge a book by its cover. No, this isn’t trite. It’s the real deal.

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2. Swipe your AmEx

Even if many countries in Europe don’t take them, you still love using them. Damn those AmEx travel points that let you book free plane tickets and upgrade to amazing hotel suites! Whether you’ve got the gold, the platinum or the Starwood Preferred Guests card, AmEx travel rewards work so well that we’re unashamedly trying to say this in every European language: do you take American Express here? 

3. Keep a bucket list

Yes, the one you check off with immense pride. That bucket list that you hope is as exotic as the next fruit you’ll be devouring in Thailand. This might seem like a list of fantasies for most people; for passionate travelers, however, this is a must-have. Keeping a travel bucket list makes it worthwhile going to work everyday, it also gives great goals to save your money toward every year.

Bucket List

4. Check those prices…

…On plane tickets, incessantly. Most people who are obsessed with taking off and jetting to somewhere new are always on the lookout for where to go next. The daily obsession of clicking through search engines to compare ticket prices for the same flight is not absurd. Every traveler who is hooked on the idea of “where am I going?” is doing the exact same thing.

5. Treasure your alone time

I find that many avid travelers love moments of self reflection. That alone time you have on the train, on the plane or even during your commute in an everyday non-travel life is to be cherished. Having time to yourself is about focusing on what’s important to you: finishing that book you’ve been flipping through, writing in your journal, or people-watch at an outside cafe with a glass of wine. Self-indulge = paradise.

6. Snap awesome pics

You’ll find that most people who love to travel also love photography. Posting amazing photos on social media is one thing, but more than that, travelers are big fans of capturing special moments in life. Because traveling allows you to realize that life is fleeting, snapping photos of beautiful landscapes or people is a source of inspiration.

Xinjiang China Wendy falcon

7. Live in the now

I’ve noticed that travel lovers are also lovers of life. Adventurers tend to just “go for it” because they understand the concept of living in the now, which also implies letting go of the petty things and staying cool on a daily basis. The power of the present is appreciating every part of your experience, even if you’re not constantly on-the-go.

8. Stay curious

I think passionate travelers are always hungry to be educated. Not necessarily in school, but by people who speak different languages, sordid histories, international relations, gorgeous architectures and local foods. We also take this hunger and apply it to our everyday life, so we are people who are curious about others. We are always on the hunt to feed our souls with new and exciting knowledge.

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