Aussie Hip-Hop Artist Seth Sentry: What’s In My Luggage?


Seth Sentry travel

We’re back with another round of What’s in Your Luggage featuring rising Aussie hip-hop artist, Seth Sentry!

No stranger to international audiences, Seth Sentry has quite the achievements under his belt for being a young rapper from Australia. An appearance on Jimmy Kimmel, an invitation to a showcase at South by Southwest in Austin, Texas, and a gold record are only some of the highlights of his career. Talk about an incredible trajectory!

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Yet he’s not a bragger. His melodic freestyle raps suggest an otherwise laidback and playful personality (who knew relationships and bacon would ever share a line in a rap song?) that peaked our increasingly growing interest. We couldn’t miss out on getting the scoop on his quirky travel personality!

Seth Sentry open field

Are you an over-packer or minimalist? Anything you absolutely can’t leave behind?

I think I’m somewhere in between. I do seem to always get back home with a whole bunch of clean socks I never touched. But I never pack more than I can fit in a carry-on.

To capture those wanderlust moments, what’s your camera of choice?

Even though I have all of those things I still just end up using my phone, then instantly regretting not using a real camera.

Seth Sentry Cinque Terre Italy

What’s the most bizarre thing you’ve ever packed in your luggage?

We toured around the country with a gigantic LEGO man once after he became our official show mascot.

What do you take with you to stay sane on long flights?

I find it hard to sleep on planes, so I always make sure I have a good book, a good movie on my laptop, and a travel companion to annoy with inane chatter.

Seth Sentry Rome

Book you’re currently reading? How do you like it?

At the moment I’m reading John Wyndham’s Day Of The Triffids, I love me some sci-fi so it’s great. I think I may have read it when I was a kid, but that’s one of the few benefits of having a terrible memory!

While on tour, any superstitious or idiosyncratic items you always have to bring with you?

Handheld espresso machine & fresh coffee. You just can’t be too careful out there.

Seth Sentry Paris ferris wheel

Munchies! What is your go-to flight snack item?

Honestly? Whatever I can score for free.

What kind of luggage/backpack/carry-on/handbag do you love?

My backpack is made by Pelican. The same company that makes the hard cases we use for our music equipment so it’s tough as hell. Sound guys at festivals always ‘nerd out’ whenever I rock up with this bad boy on my back.

You can check out more of Seth’s rapping genius at his SoundCloud page!

Photos: Seth Sentry

Seth Sentry Paris France

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