American Kids Get Sassy Eating Breakfasts From Around The World


Courtesy: YouTube

Are you one of those parents who want your kids to learn 8 languages before turning 16? You might want to start this cultural introduction first by getting them to try foods from around the world.

The Cut’s video “American Kids Try Breakfasts From Around the World” is letting us know that getting kids to eat fish in the morning might come with a bit of a sassy ‘tude!

Several breakfast foods are highlighted in the video, including: Brazil, Vietnam, Netherlands, Korea, Finland…and clearly, none of these meals entail Cheerios.

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As shown in the video (which has already been viewed more than 1.3 million times,) when American kids tried Vietnamese style eggs, the reaction seemed to be: “it smells like public toilets and raw eggs.” Koreans tend to eat fish in the morning, which is not only a bizarre concept to American kids but a gross one. The only champion seemed to be Dutch-style “hagelslag” – chocolate sprinkles on bread. Big surprise.

Wonder what the reaction would be if they tried some Taiwanese stinky tofu!

Cut launches new videos every Wednesday. If you want to be in one of their videos? Follow them on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.


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