A Century Later, NYC’s Knickerbocker Hotel Opens With New Glamour


Knickerbocker Hotel NYC room

100 years after it was first introduced to the world, Knickerbocker Hotel still has an in-house tailor for a last-minute tuxedo that you may need.

On Thursday, Manhattan’s finest hotel created by John Jacob Astor in 1906 is reopening to the public with a modern and sleek look but embracing the sordid yet glamorous history that the luxury brand will always bear.

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The Knickerbocker Hotel made a name for itself during the 1910’s with frequent and lavish parties held by international socialites as it also became the home of famous faces including: Italian opera tenor Enrico Caruso and American entertainer George M. Cohen. The hotel bar is also where F. Scott Fitzerald set a chapter of his debut novel This Side of Paradise.

Knickerbocker Hotel NYC bathroom

As the setting of New York social scene, the $3.3 million hotel hosted 556 luxurious rooms, delectable restaurants and stylish bars on the first 3 floors. After-dinner theater could seat 2,000 guests. The main bar became so trendy and exclusive that it had a name: The 42nd Street Country Club.

Love your martinis? It was made popular at the hotel by John D. Rockefeller, who tasted and fell in love with a cocktail composed of dry vermouth and gin made by Martini di Arma di Taggia. Rockefeller got all of his Wall Street friends to become fans of the martini.

After John Jacob Astor IV’s death on the Titanic in 1912, his son Vincent Astor took over the hotel and was able to continue its success for awhile but the Prohibition period during 1920’s eventually met the decline of the Knickerbocker, which was closed and converted into an office building.

Knickerbocker Hotel NYC lotion

From 1940 to 1959, the building became the headquarter to Newsweek magazine and was known as “The Newsweek Building.” Today, a “Knickerbocker” vintage sign can be found inside NYC subway on the platform of Track 1 on the 42nd Street Shuttle.

Reopening on Thursday this week is a hotel with a completely updated extravagance. In February 2012, a U.S. real estate investment trust FelCor Lodging Trust acquired the building with $115 million. It gutted the interior and kept the historic exterior. Today’s Knickerbocker has 300 contemporary rooms with 27 Junior Suite and 4 Signature Suites overlooking Time Square.

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Back in 1906, a room at the Knickerbocker would cost $3.25 a night (today’s USD $78), while today’s rates start at $446 – around the range of any 5-star luxury hotel around the world.

We’re big fans of hotels with a vast and colorful history, especially during the 1920’s in New York when life within the elite crowd was excessively opulent amid social upheaval. Maybe when you stay at the Knickerbocker today, you’ll hear the walls whispering its decadent past.

What do you think of Knickerbocker’s story? Let us know in the comments.

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map knickerbocker hotel nycSEE IT FOR YOURSELF!

The Knickerbocker Hotel

1466 Broadway, New York, NY 10036 (map, website)



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