Now You Can Plan A Trip To Cuba By Using KAYAK!


Flickr Diego Carannante Cuba

Photo: Flickr/Diego Carannante

For U.S. citizens, the tourism ban to Cuba hasn’t been lifted yet, but the demand sure is there.

On Thursday, the travel search engine KAYAK began including travel information to Cuba, the first major online booking website to do just that.

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Steve Hafner, KAYAK’s CEO, said:

We have seen significant interest in travel to Cuba. Our goal is to provide comprehensive information for travelers  – whether they are planning a trip to Cuba or anywhere else in the world.

This included more than 300 hotels in Cuba will show up if you insert Cuba as a destination. None of the flights listed originate from the U.S., and KAYAK does not provide flight or hotel booking services via its website.

Since December, after President Barack Obama announced the thawing diplomatic relationship between U.S. and Cuba, interests from travelers heading to the Caribbean island has been growing fast.

Currently, travelers who have official reasons for visiting Cuba no longer need to apply for government license.

Kayak Cuba search engine flight

Source: Newsweek. Additional reporting by Jetset Times.

What do you think of KAYAK’s addition of Cuba on its website? Let us know in the comments. 


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