Groupon’s New “Getaways” App Is A Wanderlust’s Gem


Groupon Getaway App

We all know Groupon, the company that for many years, has given us affordable passes to fitness classes, kayak rides, spa treatments, and restaurants. Having launched Getaways, a dedicated category for travel packages and hotel stays a few years back, the company is realizing this vertical is its fastest growing.

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Travel purchases—including airfare, accommodations, dining, etc—are one of those big ticket items that people jump up for deals in, and Groupon is taking notice. For wanderlusts, this is great news. Finally, there’s an app just to alert you about awesome deal sin hotels, excursions, and all inclusive packages with flights included (it’s true!). With gorgeous, inspiration-like photography, an easy to use interface, and constantly replenishing deals, it’s hard not to keep scrolling through. From 5 day all inclusive trips to Iceland to see the Northern Lights to a guaranteed booze and food included trip to Cabo, the options are endless. Getaways is also a great app for discovery, showing users destinations they might have never thought about or heard of before.

Groupon Getaway App 1

There are a slough of added elements with the app, one being the extra features not included in the main Groupon app. You’ll be able to search by theme, search based on map locations, and flash deals that are up to 60% in savings. Currently, the app is available on iOS and Android platforms, and is available in North America.

Download Getaways here.

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