Would You Enter A Restaurant In China For The “Good Looking”


China restaurant good looking

Free meals for good looking, literally.

This is the tagline of an early-bird special of a restaurant in Zhengzhou, China: Jeju Island. The restaurant serves South Korean-style food, and is giving free meals to the first 50 “good looking” clients who walk in everyday.

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According to The Telegraph, prior to ordering meals, each client is brought to a “beauty identification area” where faces are scanned and judged by a group of local Chinese plastic surgeons who are working with the restaurant to co-promote their businesses. Then, each client is evaluated on the “quality of their faces, eyes, noses and mouths.”


The restaurant’s exterior pink sign reads 靠臉吃飯, which literally translates to “by face to eat.” In Chinese, the saying is often used referring to beautiful men and women who make a living from their physical appearances, or sometimes receive a better service in society.

Xue Hexin, the restaurant’s manager spoke to The Telegraph,

We will be more prudent with our advertising in future, but the promotion will continue despite the demolition of our sign.

Warning: if you’re ever having a day of low self-esteem, you should probably reconsider entering Jeju Island.

What do you think of Jeju Island’s promotion? Let us know in the comments.

Photo: Imaginechina/Corbis

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