5 Super Tough iPhone 6 Cases Under $30


Spigen iPhone 6 caseAdventurists may know a thing or two about cracked screens and chipped frames. With the new iPhone 6 out and about, many travelers are taking the new smartphone on the road while powering through some of the world’s greatest explorations.

It’s a new phone and it’ll cost hundreds of dollars to replace it. So how should you best protect it?

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There are quite a few durable iPhone 6 cases that are on the higher end of the price range. But we know you’re more interested in the other end of the spectrum. So we’ve narrowed it down to 5 perpetually immortal iPhone 6 cases, each under a mere $30.

Through the rainforest, bungee jumps, scuba dives…your iPhone 6 is going to have one hell of a ride too!

1. Obliq iPhone 6/ 6 Plus Skyline Pro Case Series, $19.99

Obliq iPhone 6/6 Plus Skyline Pro Case Series is the best when it comes to avoiding accidental drops. It has has such a tough yet slim look that makes it stylish for everyday use. We also love the rugged buttons with anti slip lay-on-the-table design as well as a design for anti shock.

Obliq iPhone 6:6 Plus Skyline Pro Case Series

2. Spigen iPhone 6 Plus Case Tough Armor, $34.99

What’s great about Spigen iPhone 6 Plus Case Tough Armor is how easy it is to install and uninstall for a case that does so much for protection from drops and scratches. It also comes with a built-in kickstand that supports two angles for a deeper or flatter viewing position. Music lovers: the headphone jack opening is compatible with Beats by Dre headphones. #JamSession.

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3. Case Mate Tough Case for iPhone 6 Plus, $28.00

Not too fussy of a case, but it does its job well! Case Mate’s Tough Case for iPhone 6 Plus has a rugged, textured finish offering an enhanced grip with metal buttons. The look is slim but notice the protective bumper. The sporty case is meant for impact resistance and shock dispersion. We also love the metal buttons that make it look cool inside the office, outside of adventure zone.

Case Mate iPhone 6 case

4. iLuv Layup, $29.99

Say goodbye to scratches, bumps, and drops with iLuv Layup iPhone 6 Plus case. It’s packed with shock-absorbing silicone and impact-resistant polycarbonate for durability to the max! This case also has a built-in stand which can be pulled out and used to prop up your phone for landscape viewing.

iLuv Layup iPhone 6 case

5. Poetic’s Revolution iPhone 6 Plus, $24.95

Poetic’s Revolution iPhone 6 Plus case will absolutely give you a peace of mind as you trek through mountains or cycle through the country. It has dual-layered construction for reinforced protection, embedded water-resistant screen protector cover buffers against scratches, hybrid TPU skin and polycarbonate frame for maximum shock-absorbency, and sealed tactile buttons and port covers to limit dust accumulation. We think you’re set!

Poetic Revolution iPhone 6 caseWhat do you think of these iPhone 6 cases? Let us know in the comments,



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