5 Hot Tracks For Your Indie Rock Jams Road Trip Playlist


Facebook Arcade Fire

These songs create less of a nostalgic sing a long vibe and more of a sun is out, it’s the middle of the day, let’s do some serious driving kind of a vibe.

They are the kind of songs that the less musically literate members of your party will tap you on the shoulder and ask “This song is pretty sweet, who sings it?”, making you feel pretty cool for busting out the hidden tunes. It can be cool to play bands with crazy names that few people have ever heard, but it is typically better to play the classic indie rock jams that everybody subconsciously recognizes from either a commercial, movie, or other media outlet that has featured it.

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This way, you aren’t the only one rocking out to your favorite song by Babaganouj, but have a car full of people jamming to Arcade Fire.

1. Modest Mouse – “3rd Planet”

Courtesy: YouTube

2. Portugal. The Man – “The Sun”

Courtesy: YouTube

3. Arcade Fire – “Ready To Start”

Courtesy: YouTube

4. Phoenix – “Consolation Prize”

Courtesy: YouTube

5. Kings of Leon – “Back Down South”

Courtesy: YouTube

Other artists in this category: The Strokes, The White Stripes, STRFKR, Vampire Weekend, Bombay Bicycle Club, The Postal Service, The Shins, Tame Impala.

Featured photo: Facebook/Arcade Fire



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