5 Songs To Complete Your Perfect Rock & Roll Road Trip Playlist

BY EVAN MOLINEUX Rick Springfield Jessie's Girl

Whether it’s summertime in Australia, fall in New England, or spring in the south of France, it is always time for a road trip. There is often no trip more satisfying than putting on your sunglasses and driving along some scenic roads with a group of friends, stopping wherever your heart desires. Road trips give the perfect opportunity to find a spot every night after long hours of driving to camp under the stars, pull off road and experience a hidden natural gem, drive down the coast until you find the perfect beach spot to watch the sunset, or spend the day visiting the world’s kitschiest road side attractions. Regardless of where you are traveling, a key part of any road trip is having the music to back it up. This year, Jetset Times will offer an accessible guide to creating the perfect road trip playlist, with some of my personal recommendations.

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Everybody loves to rock. If you are road tripping with parents, adding classic songs from their generation will introduce nostalgia and happiness into the trip. If you are traveling with a group of peers, what better way to interrupt a lull in the drive than a sing a long, which these songs will most certainly provide. Either classic or more contemporary rock from the 80s and 90s will add some much needed fervor and enjoyment into the road trip.

1. The Beatles – “Drive My Car”

Courtesy: YouTube

2. Tom Petty – “American Girl”

Courtesy: YouTube

3. Rick Springfield – “Jessie’s Girl”

Courtesy: YouTube

4. Wheatus – “Teenage Dirtbag”

Courtesy: YouTube

5. Chumbawamba – “Tubthumping”

Courtesy: YouTube

Other artists in this category: Queen, blink-182, Fleetwood Mac, ELO, The Kinks, Third Eye Blind, AC/DC, The Stray Cats, Oasis, Spin Doctors, U2.


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