To The Cool Girl That Left Her Hometown


Nadia Madrid Spain

Congratulations, you have truly become the person you always wanted to be.

When you were young you dreamt of becoming a sensational jetsetter or something out of the pages of a glamourus magazine, and your endless dreams were no match for the tiny bubble in which you were growing up. There was nothing your hometown could offer your bright future and oftentimes you resented, even hated, the small places and small minds that surrounded you and trapped you in. The day you decided that you can do better than where you come from, you strived for nothing else but to leave that small sliver of the world that bred you.

Now when you go back home, you are known as the cool girl that left. Everyone in your town has heard about how you’ve lived in faraway lands and how you’ve scaled the tallest mountains and visited the most breathtaking places and how you´re accomplishing big things. They hear that you party in the wildest locales, that you have friends and lovers in exotic places and that your life is one big adventure through which you live hard and fast. There has never been anyone like you where you are from. And even if there has, they’ve been long gone just like you.

Nadia Europe Spain

But despite the awe or adoration that follows, there is an undeniable tension between yourself and your hometown that everyone can clearly see. You’ve changed so entirely and wholeheartedly while it seems nothing about your home has, which is comforting but also creates a rift that pushes you farther away. No one understands the life that you have come to lead and the strange things that happen in it. They will never know how astoundingly big the world is and they may never see the remarkable things that you tell them about. You feel the things you used to love slip away as conversations turn increasingly stale and fault lines become overwhelming and you cease to fit into the milieu of the community that raised you.

Because while you were busy becoming the most interesting person you know there were girls becoming mothers and young people getting addicted to drugs and old friends succumbing to depression and families slipping into hardship. Life got harder and wearisome for the many people that stayed while yours just kept getting more exciting and delightful. Now you continue to become even more unfamiliar to the place from which you originate; the place that set you up to be the person you have become.

Nadia beach

And this painful disconnect sometimes makes you want to stay away or stop going back completely. It pushes you to the corners of the world farthest away from home, where you can eagerly be the person you’ve chosen to become while the small town girl you used to be slowly fades away. You regrettably become aware that the people who used to love you now find you vain and distant because that is what you have been for so long. You took what you could get and left before you had the capacity to change anything. You are no longer part of your very first community, as if you had never been there at all.

However, at some point you might realize that the things keeping you away are important things which need fixing back home. Remember why you left because it’s the same reason you should go back, even if it pains you to return. Maybe home is a place that’s full of sadness, rejection, abuse, insecurity, loneliness, desperation or unbearable monotony. Maybe you’re afraid of reliving moments from your past you thought you had abandoned. Sure, your life turned out so much more interesting than those of all the pretty girls from your high school, but spiting those who made you feel small in the past is not the real definition of success.

Nadia cool girl travel

So when you’ve seen as much of the world as you want to and are ready to reface your demons, I hope that you find yourself back home, for however long or short, in order to do something good for the places and people that made you the exceptional person you are. Because the world needs more places that promise opportunities and horizons, where people are happy to stay. The answer does not lie in telling all the ambitious people to leave but for those who are capable to construct a happier home for the people you love. Because if you’re out to change some part of the world for good, there’s no better place than the one you came from.

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