The 2015 It Girl’s New Year’s Resolution


Bree New Year 2015

WARNING: Reading this article will spark an exponential increase in self-confidence…Enjoy.

It’s that time of year again where we switch out our planners and spend the next month and a half trying to avoid writing “2014” on our notes, checks and emails. Gym locker rooms are busting at the seams. The checkout line at Whole Foods is worse than that of the Apple store the night before the release of the iPhone 6. It’s utter pandemonium worldwide as men and women alike strive for change as of January 1.

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It’s a new year and what does that typically mean? A new you!

Now, let’s ask ourselves one critical question…why must we obsess over the idea of creating a shiny, new version of ourselves each year? Why not love ourselves in the present state and work to make strides toward a better you rather than a new one? Because let’s be real…as soon as the ball drops at midnight, it takes just another week or two for us to drop the ball on “working out daily” and/or “eating clean.” Why set yourself up for failure? This year, pack up the cliché notions that come along with New Year’s Resolutions, seal them with a kiss, and ship them off to no man’s land. Kiss


On December 31st, as you are slipping into your shimmery dress or glittery top…Stop! Take a long, hard look into the mirror.

Tell yourself you love what you see and are excited about the thought of loving that beautiful sight even more. Commit to resolutions that allow you to improve who you are, not change it. Avoid making resolutions that force you to do something you don’t really want to do…like liquidating your savings at your neighborhood’s swankiest gym or the organic food store. Improve your diet, don’t change it. Improve your workout habits, don’t change them. Hello Gorgeous


These small steps toward “betterness” will ultimately be more rewarding in the end, and will provide a greater long-term benefit. Making a variety of advancements in multiple facets of your life will amplify your self-confidence, health, and overall well-being. Starting small will lead to big increases in overall happiness and positivity.

Therefore, this year, make avoiding the cliche New Year’s Resolutions a priority. Pinky promise yourself to strive for betterness, not change. Spread the word. Share the idea that a better you trumps a different you. Love who you are and who you can be with a few small improvements rather than one large change.

Go for it, and come back to tell us of your progress here in the comments below. Cheers!

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