6 Ways To Make Your Travel Resolutions Come True


Travel resolution 2015 Panama dolphin bay bocas del toro

It’s the new year and you’ve got some more things to cross off that bucket list. But is that list as long as your next bill? No need to fret, we’ve got it covered! Here are 6 simple ways that your travel resolutions for 2015 will absolutely come true and be prepared…it can happen in an instant!

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1. Pinpoint a destination and lock it down!

There are too many places on your bucket list, and really, it’ll take a lifetime to cross them off. Not all of us can take a year off to literally travel around the world. But there has to be one dream destination that you’ve always wanted to go, so whether it’s a road trip across America or visiting Antarctica; lock down that destination and start planning!

Island life (Hainan, China)

2. Check out your budget then plan a trip according to it.

Right…not all of us have the budget of $5,000 to spare for jetsetting. But the beauty of travel is that you can do it regardless of how much money you have in the bank. Okay, okay…maybe having a budget of $500 is a good one to start with. But take a look at your bank account, look at how much you’re willing to budget for a trip, then pick a destination according to it. Even $500 is do-able, New York City anyone?

High Line NYC 1

Photo: Jetset Times

3. Flight or hotel…one of them can give a little.

If you find yourself spending a whole lot on booking a flight, then making a travel dream come true can come down to finding affordable housing to balance out the budget. Or if your situation is vice versa, you suddenly find a last minute deal that just saved a few hundred bucks. Well then, hello luxury 5-star accommodation!

Tantalo hotel kitchen roofbar panama city

Photo: Jetset Times/Tantalo Panama Hotel

4. Backpacking is the new cool.

When we all graduated from college, backpacking was THE thing to do. A few years later, backpacking seemed like a travel option that belonged only to budget travelers. This belief cannot be more incorrect! Some of our friends who own islands in the Bahamas just spent a few weeks backpacking through Nepal while our other travel photographer buddies who backpacked through New Zealand returned with amazing imageries. Backpacking is not only limited to budget travel, it’s also the coolest way to test your survival mode while you’ve got everything you need for a trip right on your shoulders.

costa rica backpack sofia

5. There are too many affordable countries in the world that are MADE to fulfill your resolutions.

Just when you think traveling is too expensive, you need to know a list of countries that are completely affordable to visit. This will require another Jetset Times article, but some immediate ones that are off the top of our minds: Colombia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Budapest…depending on where you are, there are quite a few surrounding countries that can make your travel dreams come true in an instant!


6. Stop thinking about it, just book it!

Are you still flipping through your friends’ Facebook photos and growing jealous of their island vacations? Stop browsing. Now is your turn! The more you hesitate, the more questions will arise. There’s no need to keep thinking about it. What you need to do is start looking through flights and just book that damn trip!

Happy new year, our beloved jetsetters!

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    May 15, 2015 at 1:38 am #

    Budapest is a city

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