5 Things You Need To Know About Leaving Europe


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There are plenty of guides that tell you how to arrive in Europe – suitcase in hand and boarding pass ready to go. However, as I was waiting in the customs line to re-enter my home country, there were few sources I could pull from when wondering what to expect about my return home.

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1. Be prepared to have currency adjustment issues.

Euros and quarters are similar in size, though not in texture or breadth. $7.50 for a sandwich suddenly looks really expensive although that’s around what your four euro sandwich translates to. The other day I was buying a postcard and asked the cashier how much it was. “Fifty,” he answered. “Cents?” I replied. He looked at me like I was clueless. “No,” he said sarcastically, “dollars.”

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Photo: Flickr/FuFu Wolf

2. You will have picked up cultural differences.

It’s the small things, the “merci” from France, the “scuzi” from Italy or the little click that Spaniards make when they’re trying to think of a word in English. Depending on the time you’ve spend abroad, some of these little habits will find their way back with you…at least for the first week.

pinterest kiss Paris

Photo: Pinterest

3. You will have to adjust to the food…again.

Don’t be surprised if there are a few stomachaches in the first few days. Just like you had to adjust there, you’re going to have to adjust back. Also, besides the time zone change, shifting dinnertime from 8:30/9 to 6pm on the dot may throw you for a bit of a loop as well.

madrid spain food churro coffee

Photo: Jetset Times

4. You’re going to miss it.

Even if you’re one hundred percent ready to return home. Even if you can’t wait to arrive at customs. Every once in a while you’re going to think about that afternoon sandwich in front of the Arc de Triomphe or that walk along the beach and sigh. It’s a good nostalgia but one that will be present nonetheless. The problem with leaving your heart so many places is that you’re always going to miss something.

San Sebastian boasts one of the best in-city beaches in Europe

Photo: Jetset Times

5. There’s no place like home.

Finally, as great as you think it’s going to feel when you see your family or when you hear English casually being spoken in line at the supermarket…it’s ten times better. Dorothy nailed it when she said “there’s no place like home,” no matter where that home may be.

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