$2 Are Billed When You Book UberT In NYC

BY JST NEWS Uber India

Here’s a nice Christmas present for New Yorkers, UberTaxi just got a bit more expensive.

Starting on Christmas, Uber quietly implemented $2 surcharge automatically added onto the bill when customers book a UberT, which is different from UberX (Uber vehicles that aren’t limos or black cars), UberT customers in Manhattan can hail non-Uber yellow or green boro taxis.

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On Christmas Eve, New York City Uber customers received an email from the San Francisco-based app company that read:

Starting today, December 24, all completed uberT trips trips will be subject to a $2 booking fee. The fee is a small change added to UberT trips on behalf of yellow and boro taxi drivers who utilize the Uber platform.

In the email, customers were also told that UberX is still a cheaper transportation solution

But whether the extra surcharge is getting to the pockets of Uber drivers is still unclear, while this isn’t the first time Uber has implemented questionable booking fees. Chicago and Washington D.C. customers also experienced the same.

This summer, Uber decreased UberX black cars fares by 20% and customers were told that it would be a less expensive alternative than yellow taxis. It’s been rumored that such moves have been Uber’s efforts to undercut New York City taxi industry.

So the next time you travel to New York, just know that UberT probably won’t be as economical as it used to be.

Source: The Verge

What do you think of UberT’s surcharge? Let us know in the comments below.


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