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A lot of great music was made in 2014. The majority of the stuff you have heard rocking your radio has probably either come from major artists either from the United States or England. Here is a list of 10 albums released this year from artists from other countries around the world that you may have missed.

1. Emmaar – Tinariwen

Hailing from the Sahara Desert region of northern Mali, Tinariwen are a Grammy Award –winning band that have been around for a while, but surprisingly few have heard about. Due to political and social unrest in their home country, the band was forced to flee Mali and recorded their newest album in Joshua Tree in the United States. Their 2014 album, Emmaar, is a great introduction to an excellent band whose guitar driven music reflects their Saharan roots.

Favorite songs from Emmaar: Arhegh Danagh, Emajer

Courtesy: YouTube

2. Silent Treatment – Highasakite

Norwegian rockers released their first full length album this year. A highly anticipated debut after the release and acclaim of their 2013 debut EP, In and Out of Weeks. The full album does not disappoint. With a somewhat ethereal sound, this group has created an album that sophisticatedly covers issues such as love, loss, relationships, religion, and Darth Vader through their catchy alternative pop rock.

Favorite songs from Silent Treatment – Since Last Wednesday, Darth Vader, Lover Where Do You Live?

Courtesy: YouTube

3. Too Hard – The Brwmys

Foot stomping, jig dancing, feel-good, modern Welsh folk. I’ve never seen them live, but I’ve heard great things about how fun their live show is and how it is almost impossible not to get down. After listening to their 2014 release, Too Hard, I can totally understand the insatiable urge to dance. Their latest release isn’t a full-length album, merely an EP, but it is enough to become hooked on this group. I look forward to hopefully seeing a show in the future.

Favorite songs from Too Hard – Trees & Treachery, Too Hard

Courtesy: YouTube

4. Eve – Angelique Kidjo

Originally from Benin, Angelique Kidjo is a queen of world music. Her 2014 release Eve, is full of soul and was made in tribute to the women of Africa. Featuring songs in several different languages and beats derivitative of a variety of cultures from around the world, throughout her career Kidjo has always strived to create a unifying sound through her music. The album is full of great vibes and is a must listen for the year. Featuring guest appearances from musicians such as Rostam Batmagli of Vampire Weekend, The Kronos Quartet, and Nigerian singer ASA, Eve is a true, unifying triumph of world music and a fantastic album.

Favorite songs from Eve – M’Baamba, Bomba, Orisha

Courtesy: YouTube

5. Land Of Pleasure – Sticky Fingers

One of Australia’s funkiest young bands. With an indie rock sound that shows influence of reggeatone and classic funk, I instantly fell in love with their newest album after just one listen. Song Gold Snafu has one of my favorite bass lines I heard all year. Their 2013 album Caress Your Soul made a fairly big impact on the Australian independent music scene, but their latest release is a much cleaner, more refined sound. This band has become my soundtrack for all day parties and barbeques.

Favorite songs from Land Of Pleasure – Gold Snafu, Rum Rage, Lazerhead

Courtesy: YouTube

6. Color Decay – Júníus Meyvant

I am kind of cheating with this pick since Júníus Meyvant didn’t release a full-length album in 2014. However, he did release the first single of his solo project. This Icelandic artist created my favorite song of 2014, which is why I think it necessary to include on my list so more people, can hear about this guy before he does end up releasing a full-length album and blowing up. The song Color Decay is the perfect amount of clever lyricism, beautifully composed orchestra, and acoustic guitar. It is the kind of song that makes me want to get on a plane immediately to Iceland and run through the country’s beautiful landscapes with this song on constant repeat in my head.

Courtesy: YouTube

7. The Gloaming – The Gloaming

Hailed as an Irish super group, the debut album from the Gloaming is definitively Irish. The band creates traditional sounding Celtic folk music with a modern twist. Led by one of the world’s greatest living fiddle players, Martin Hayes, the songs are driven forth by the fiddle, but sublimely backed and complemented by the other musicians of the band. This 2014 album is a beautiful composition of music that takes you on a contemporary journey through classical Ireland.

Favorite songs from The Gloaming – The Sailor’s Bonnet, Allistrum’s March, The Old Bush

Courtesy: YouTube

8. Film of Life – Tony Allen

A pioneer of Afrobeat, Nigerian Tony Allen has been around for a while, developing his sound and making music with some of the world’s best artists. His 2014 album does not necessarily provide anything drastically different to his sound, but it does provide his classic drum grooves accompanied by hypnotic guitar and bass lines. This album serves as a great introduction to those that have never listened to or heard of Afrobeat.

Favorite songs from Film of Life – Moving On, Go Back, African Man

Courtesy: YouTube

9. Forcefield – Tokyo Police Club

Canadian indie rock powerhouses Tokyo Police Club released their third album of original songs this past March. I’ve been a big fan of this band for years and their newest album did not disappoint. They set out to make an album that was more poppy compared to their first two albums. Forcefield is an extremely catchy, extremely poppy album that more fully explores ideas of relationships and the lovelifes of the band without sacrificing any of their edge or classic sound.

Favorite songs from Forcefield: Tunnel Vision, Toy Guns, Argentina (Parts I, II, III)

Courtesy: YouTube

10. Green Language – Rustie

This Glaswegian producer made an incredibly ambitious album this year that sounds like M83 on crack. It’s full of wild synth that flows from calming and ethereal on a song like Paradise Stone into the much more up-tempo Up Down (feat. D Double E) while still maintaining its naturalistic vibe, which then transitions into Attak which has rapper Danny Brown throwing down over some pretty wild synth. It’s an interesting album that isn’t prefect, but remains wildly interesting throughout.

Favorite songs from Green Language – Paradise Stone, Attak

Courtesy: YouTube

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