San Francisco’s Bay Bridge Lights Are Here To Stay, And We’re Thankful.


Facebook Illuminate the Arts San Francisco Bay Bridge

Twinkle, twinkle…is here to stay!

For the last year and a half, locals and travelers visiting San Francisco have been mesmerized by San Francisco’s gorgeous 25,000 LED light sculpture that frames the 1.8-mile of the Bay Bridge connecting San Francisco to the East Bay which hubs cities including Oakland and Berkeley.

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When it was originally installed and lit on March 2013, the plan was for it to stay for two years to commemorate the bridge turning 75. Now, they’re here to stay…for good.

According to The New York Times, a crowd funding effort failed to save the artwork earlier this year. Then, Illuminate the Arts, a non-profit, announced this week that it raised $4 million to keep “The Bay Lights” on in San Francisco. Tad Taube, a mogul and a local philanthropist provided $2 million matching grant as part of the total of $4 million raised. On Illuminate the Arts’ website, it poignantly states:

What if the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge were a canvas for light? That was a seminal question that sparked the diverse community to create of the world’s largest LED light sculpture.

Illumiate the San Francisco Bay Bridge

The lights will be temporary shut down and removed for maintenance, while some funds will be used toward replacing the current lights.

Whenever you travel to the City by the Bay, you can forever gaze at the gorgeous artwork created by American artist Leo Villareal.

What do you think of the Bay Bridge’s lights being permanent? Let us know in the comments below. 

Photo: Facebook/Illuminate the Arts



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