Tricks To Scoring The Best Souvenirs Without Key Chains & T-Shirts


Zagreb, Dolac Market

We all know that taking a trip or a vacation is not complete until you’ve gotten souvenirs for friends and family back home. But finding the perfect gift in between tours, excursions, and much needed down time isn’t always as easy as it seems. And I’m sure many of us are guilty of buying last minute gifts at airport kiosks. With proper thought and planning, you’ll see that finding the perfect souvenirs for your family or even for yourself can be a lot easier than you think. So put down those key chains and tourist t-shirts, and keep reading for some helpful tips on how to find the best travel souvenirs.

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1. Be sure to look for items that are native to the city or country you are visiting.

Traditional textiles, spices, or clothing items are all great ideas that are specific to certain places. For example, a traditional Peruvian textile or poncho is a great souvenir that reflects the history and culture of the people and country. These types of souvenirs are also great because they make unique gifts that you know no one else will have. Your friends and family will be sure to appreciate something that is both unique and makes them feel as if they traveled with you.

bhutan thimphu textile museum

Photo: Jetset Times

2. Keep in mind who you are buying souvenirs for.

If you’re planning on getting gifts for your grandpa, your brother/sister, or your best friend; you probably shouldn’t get all three of them a mini Eiffel Tower. Find souvenirs that each individual will love, or that really reminds you of that person. It’s good to know ahead of time if your grandpa collects hats, or if your best friend is a huge fan of a sports team. Information like this will definitely increase your chances of finding the perfect souvenir.

Panamas Hats

Photo: Pinterest

3. Practicality matters.

No matter how hard we may try, there always seems to be twice as much to pack into your suitcase at the end of the trip. I myself have had to sit on a suitcase or two to make everything fit. Souvenirs are one of the main reasons why we never seem to have enough room in our suitcases by the end of a trip. To make things easier, be sure to buy practical souvenirs. Getting a large figurine or a piece of art may not be the best idea if you can’t fit it in your suitcase. Also try and stray away from any fragile souvenirs like mugs or ornaments. They may fit into your suitcase, but you’ll worry about it breaking the whole flight back home.

Dawn Fleming study abroad London souvenir

Photo: Dawn Fleming

4. For yourself, find things that don’t cost money.

Find tours that include fun activities, like making fine soaps, or learning how to weave fabric on a loom. You could also DIY your souvenirs by taking leftover coins and turning them into magnets, or even creating a travel themed shadow box with all your ticket stubs and photos. Find or make something that will trigger nostalgia. You’ll appreciate it much more if it reminds you of a favorite city or a fun experience that happened on your trip.

Flickr Mahesh Kularatne travel coins

Photo: Flickr/Mahesh Kularatne

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