Why The White House Wants YOU To Study Abroad

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The White House is spotlighting the importance of traveling, and we’re loving every piece of this news!

On Tuesday, White House held an event called White House Travel Blogger Summit on Study Abroad and Global Citizenship. 100 travel bloggers gathered in a summit hosted by National Security Council with the U.S. State Department to open a U.S. Study Abroad office supporting college students to #StudyAbroadBecause the government recognizes that students will come back more culturally aware with added language skills and heightened international comprehension.

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From records in 2008 according to American Council on Education, less than 5% of college students studied abroad. Although the number is rising, it’s still not fast enough. Money seems to be an issue with added costs to housing and program fees. Essentially, studying abroad combines expenses of international travel as well as college tuition since most schools require students to pay for units they plan to take at another college.

The U.S. government announced an online study abroad fair on Feb. 25, 2015 while some goals the government would like to accomplish include:

  • Raise the diversity of students studying abroad since 62% of American college students are Caucasian, but they’re 76% of students who attend study abroad programs.
  • Increase the list of countries for students to study abroad outside of the European Union.
  • Targeting 90% of students who don’t travel abroad. These students are ones who spend more time on the internet hence the government is leading the initiative with travel bloggers.

Travel blogger Lilli from Around The World “L” attended the summit and described it as,

I was so inspired today, hearing those brilliant young people explain the importance of this new study abroad push by our government. To be honest, these seventh graders did a better job of summing up the heart of the White House initiative than a recent (rather perplexed) Washington Post article. It makes sense that these students would care and understand, however, because they are who this study abroad movement most impacts.

What do you think of White House’s #StudyAbroadBecause initiative? Let us know in the comments below.

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