Inside 81-Year-Old Chinese Grandmother’s Epic Skydive


Chinese grandmother skydive family

有啥大不了的,我也敢跳。” (What’s the big deal? I can jump too!)

Said Min Deyu, the 81-year-old grandmother from Hubei, China. Min went skydiving in Australia and fell in love with the sport while visiting her son.

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Chinese newspaper Xinhuanet News Agency described the women who signed up for skydiving and shocked fellow adventurers at the scene. Min said, “There wasn’t much training, the instructors told me important regulations to follow.” No big deal. Off they went.

Min was held by a professional instructor while the parachutes didn’t open until 40 seconds after they jumped off the plane. Min’s back stretched and extended while she posed as if she had wings with her arms extended. The instructor held a thumbs up.

Photographs of Min flying in air are currently sweeping the internet by storm. She appeared happy, playfully enjoying every minute.

Chinese grandmother skydive air

Skydiving at 81 years old means that Min is in superb health status without neither high blood pressure nor heart disease. She explained undergoing 3 complete health exams in 2012 as results for every test seemed normal. Throughout the year, she hardly catches flus, only minor coughs at times.

Although she didn’t receive the title of the oldest female skydiver, which belongs to Brazil’s Aida Mendes who completed her jump at 103 years old last year, we’re beyond inspired by Min’s daredevil courage.

Skydive, anyone?

What do you think of Min’s jump at 81 years old? Let us know in the comments below.

Chinese grandmother skydive



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One Comment on “Inside 81-Year-Old Chinese Grandmother’s Epic Skydive”

  1. December 13, 2014 at 4:46 am #

    Wow she’s fabulous…way braver than me.

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