Quirky Picasso Artwork Is Missing From Art Miami


Picasso silver crafted

Every year, Art Basel in Miami brings in artists and party-goers from around the world. The celebration for creativity turned a sour note on Thursday night as Picasso’s silver plate was stolen at Art Miami located in Midtown.

According to Miami Herald, owner of Amsterdam-based Leslie Smith Gallery David Smith arrived to the booth on Friday morning and discovered the artwork had disappeared. After reporting the missing work to the Miami police, Smith said,

I’ve been doing art shows all my life. Even when I was a kid, I went with my parents. I’ve never, ever had anything stolen…If you steal art, if it’s from a famous artist, it’s going to be hard to re-sell. Either somebody steals it for himself to keep, or somebody, somewhere, someday will realize it’s stolen.

The incident was reported as a grand theft although there was no video recording of the heist. Here’s a timeline of what happened from what Smith can gather from Thursday night:

8:30pm Thursday – Smith left Art Miami with the exhibition display as it was.

10:30pm Thursday – A walk through by the security guard, artwork was still present.

10:45am Friday – Smith arrived at Art Miami, Picasso artwork was gone.

11am Friday – Visitors were left with a label below where the artwork was supposed to be: Signed, numbered & Stamped with silver marks.

Miami art week

Picasso’s Visage aux Mains (Face with Hands) is valued at $85,000. It’s a crafted silver plate, 16.5-inch wide, engraved with a smiling face and stick-finger hands. The stolen one is No. 16 in a series of 20.

Typically, Art Miami’s booth includes 24-hour guards who locks the doors. Although it’s the same security company used by Art Basel, Art Miami is a separate in Midtown. The only people that would have access to the fair grounds were security, cleaning crews and fair employees.

Everything else was left untouched by the burglar(s) while Picasso’s silver plate wasn’t the most expensive item at the fair. But Smith suspects that the artwork was small enough to be easily stolen or hide under a piece of clothing.

What do you think of the missing Picasso? Let us know in the comments below. Picasso


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