Virgin Cruises Is Here To Make A Splash


Richard Branson

Back in October, Jetset Times reported Richard Branson was expanding his Virgin Group to the hotel industry with the launch of Virgin Hotels. On Thursday, the English entrepreneur announced another for-“sea”-able venture: Virgin Cruises.

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By entering the cruises market, Branson wants to “shake up the cruise industry and deliver a holiday that customers will absolutely love.”

Virgin Cruises will be competing against industry giants such as: Royal Caribbean and Carnival Cruises. Each year, more than 20 millions cruisers travel to various destinations around the world.

To spearhead the new venture, Virgin has hired Tom McAlpin as the CEO of Virgin Cruises. McAlpin was also the CEO of The World, Residences at Sea and President of Disney Cruise Line. McAlpin expressed his new role as:

Opportunities like this do not come often, so I am very excited to lead this business and introduce the Virgin brand to the cruise industry, as it has always put customers at the heart of what it does.

Virgin has always found a way to set itself apart from any industry it sets foot in. As fans of the airline’s Vivienne Westwood-designed uniforms and no-charge WiFi at the Virgin Hotel in Chicago (set to open in January,) our anticipation for the cruise line is undoubtedly filled with excitement. Stay tuned on JST for more updates on Virgin’s development to the sea.

What do you think of Virgin Cruises? Let us know in the comments below.

Photo: Facebook/Richard Branson



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