NYC Anti-Airbnb Coalition Expands To San Francisco


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The anti-Airbnb coalition Share Better began in NYC to regulate short-term residential rentals. The campaign is now moving to San Francisco where Airbnb is headquartered.

Recently, the City By the Bay voted to legalize Airbnb which triggered California housing advocates to follow the footsteps of Share Better – an organization combating Airbnb in NYC, claiming the housing rental website is the cause of supply reduction to affordable housing.

The campaign aims to support “San Franciscans for Neighborhoods, Affordable Housing & Jobs,” and a November 2015 ballot to address problems regarding short-term rental market. Share Better spokesperson James Freedland indicated,

Communities across the country are struggling with same problems caused by Airbnb and other illegal hotel operations. Housing is cannibalized, rents are rising, neighbors and landlords are at risk, laws are going unenforced and taxes uncollected. This is a nationwide phenomenon and that’s why we’re mounting a national campaign to hold scofflaws accountable.

There’s been much debate as residents who have lived in apartment rentals for decades. They’re frustrated that Airbnb take housing units off the market therefore aggravating housing prices and regulations. On the other hand, Airbnb notes short-term rentals allow cities to be more affordable since half of Airbnb hosts in San Francisco use the profit to pay for their own rent and mortgage.

In NYC, anti-Airbnb campaign won the support from government officials. Earlier this year, New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman revealed that more than 50% of the listings on Airbnb are illegal. The company came to its own defense saying that it is doing its best to catch illegal listings.

What, exactly, is considered illegal? When renters sublet an entire apartments for travelers who are looking for cheap, short-term stays. Such listings often occur on Airbnb yet it’s considered illegal in almost all cities in the U.S..

Dale Carlson, a leader of the Share Better SF coalition, said in a statement.

We have a simple message from coast to coast: Share better or it’s checkout time…We’ve each had success in our hometowns. Moving forward, we can be stronger and more effective by coordinating efforts around data, research, communications, and strategy and tactics.

What do you think of the anti-Airbnb campaign? Let us know in the comments below.


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