“Your New Gay Best Friend” Banned From JetBlue After “Mean Girls” Tweets


Courtesy: YouTube

Internet celebrity Matthew Lush, aka: your new gay best friend, is doing some serious boycotting and JetBlue should probably be listening.

With more than 580,000 subscribers on YouTube, Gay God (Lush’s other internet brand) released a video describing his JetBlue nightmare to his dedicated followers.

It seems that on November 25, Lush called JetBlue to cancel a non-refundable flight that he never received a confirmation email for, the customer service representative at JetBlue was not only unpleasant but insisted Lush to pay a $150 fee as a full refund.

After JetBlue offered to lower the fee down to $100, Lush was still unhappy with the outcome particularly with alleged inhospitable attitude from the JetBlue rep named Regina. With 154,000 followers on Twitter, Lush jokingly made a series of tweets relating Regina to Regina in the Hollywood film Mean Girls (played by Rachel Adams in 2004) which JetBlue recognized as “threatening.”

When JetBlue didn’t allow Lush to board his flight and claimed that he was “a physical threat,” Lush compared the experience to “coming out of the closet…being beat up by my Mom.”

After speaking to Lush, JetBlue made the decision to ban him from every JetBlue flight. The American low-cost airline released a statement,

We would never ban someone for their tweets. [The security team] wanted to assess if this situation had the potential to escalate in altitude.

Lush unveiled the YouTube video on Sunday, to encourage his followers to #BoycottJetBlue and to defend his status as anything but a physical security threat.

After the release of Lush’s video, JetBlue’s Corporate Communications Manager Morgan Johnston stated:

The decision to remove any customer from a flight is made after careful and informed decision by local airport officials and flight crew. It’s based on an individual’s actions and our assessment whether further actions during the flight would lead to further disruption or non-compliance with crew member instructions which could lead to diversion and delays for all customers.

The video has now been viewed more than 54,000 times and here’s what Lush’s Twitter followers have to say:

Who’s side are you on? What do you think of Lush’s JetBlue encounter? Let us know in the comments below.


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