Microsoft Joins Instagram By Taking On Travel Photography


Ten days ago, Microsoft finally joined Instagram and really pushing forward the hashtag #DoMore.

By launching an account on the picture-sharing app, Microsoft hired travel-savvy photographer Justin Bastien, who specializes in outdoor sports, adventure, lifestyle and environmental photography.

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In his partnership with one of the biggest tech companies in the world, Bastien is traveling to numerous countries and continents meeting people who can rep the #DoMore campaign well. They’ve varied from surgeons to designers who fit Microsoft products into their work.

Barista in Seattle, Laila Ghambari was first featured, using Skype to communicate with coffee communities around the world.

Coffee is in Laila Ghambari’s blood; she practically grew up in Cherry Street Coffee House, founded by her father. She teaches barista skills to people across the world, both in person and online from her #Seattle home. @lay_luh also works with the Barista Guild of America and helps grow the #coffee community in Iran, where her father was born. #DoMore

#DoMore campaign is meant to embrace Microsoft’s mission to reinvent productivity, which was captured via engineering manager @DonaSarker who sharpens her creative skills at New York Fashion Academy.

When she’s not working on the next evolution of #Microsoft mobile devices, @DonaSarkar applies the visualization skills she’s honed as an engineer to the fashion world. She started out designing garments for friends and family, but has also created pieces for@LulyYangCouture. #DoMore

Bastian is on his way to multiple countries. Next up is Portland, Oregon. Here’s a BTS look into life on the road…

In ten days, @Microsoft has posted 10 moments and garnered 18.0K followers.

What do you think of Microsoft’s Instagram launch? Let us know in the comments below.


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