China To Hong Kong Student Activists: Entry Denied.


If you were crossing through Hong Kong Airport yesterday, it might’ve been a little chaotic.

Leaders of the Hong Kong Federation of Students: Alex Chow, Nathan Law and Eason Chung were heroes who led #OccupyHK, aka: Umbrella Movement which has taken over streets of Hong Kong during the past six weeks.

Yesterday, in an attempt to meet top Chinese officials, their entrance to Beijing was denied. Although surrounded by supporters, the three student leaders couldn’t board their Cathay Pacific flight and were told their travel documents were invalid.

According to the Associated Press, General Secretary of the Hong Kong Federation of Students Yvonne Leung said:

The Cathay Pacific has confirmed … that the [students] got their return-home cards cancelled by the mainland authority, so they cannot get the required certificates to get onto the plane.

Hours later, the students held a press conference stating that canceling their travel documents was an indication of what’s ahead. Chow said:

It symbolizes that Hong Kong people’s right to determine their destiny will be taken away in the future.

Normally, for a person from the former British colony to travel to the mainland, a Home Return Permits type of visa is required. In the past, pro-democracy supporters in Hong Kong have known to experience denied entry to China. At times, visas are even confiscated or encounter difficulties for renewal.

Originally, Chow, Law and Chung planned on going to China to speak with Li Keqiang, other senior Chinese leaders and members of the National People’s Congress Standing Committee.

On Saturday, Global Times ran an editorial stating the students used their travels to ask for sympathy:

These activists may be too naive. Do they really know who they are, and whom they can represent? How can they meet whomever they want in Beijing? The Occupy Central movement has failed.

Since September, protestors have occupied streets of Hong Kong opposing Beijing’s decision which declared a panel will screen candidates for the 2017 election of Hong Kong’s senior officials. At the airport, Chow, Law and Chung were greeted by supporters who sang and held up yellow umbrellas.

What do you think of the students’ denied entry? Let us know in the comments below.


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