A GIF’s Guide To How We Really Feel About Airport Security


Here’s a brief, yet meaningful, look into the horrors of airport security.

Flickr Andrew Pilloud airport securityPhoto: Flickr/Andrew Pilloud

When you abide by the rules and arrive two hours early, only to find that there isn’t a line:

GIF lakerGIF via

When you find yourself midway through the line and realize you need to use the restroom:

GIF i have to pee poodleGIF via

When you’re stuck behind a family with a baby…and a stroller…and grandma and grandpa:

GIF chris farleyGIF via 

When the metal detector wand alerts security of your bedazzled undergarment(s):

GIF maya rudolphsupGIF via

When the person behind you insists on hitting you in the back of the heels with his/her luggage cart:

GIF so mad i couldGIF via 

 When you get your shoes, belt, jacket, hat and jewelry off in no time:

GIF bruce almightyGIF via

When you reach into your bag and pull out an iPhone 4 charger…when you have an iPhone 5:

GIF Michael J FoxGIF via

When you find yourself next to the woman with Louis luggage:

Gif Angry Amy PoehlerGIF via

When you are the one who’s singled out and asked to please step behind the curtain:

Gif Jennifer LawrenceGIF via

When you accidentally leave behind one of your three bags and cause the terminal to shut down over “unattended baggage”:

GIF TupacGIF via

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