Why U.S. National Parks May Hike Up The Price Of Entrance Fees


Grand Canyon

Word on the street says it’s going to cost more for you to experience the grandiose of Grand Canyon.

On Friday, one of the world’s premier natural attractions announced that it may increase its seven-day pass from $25 to $30 for the single-vehicle entrance fee.

National Parks Conservation Association released a statement on its website:

The National Park Service, which has long struggled with underfunding, has been crippled by compounded budget cuts over recent years. This pattern threatens the long-term protection of our national treasures and the countless local economies that depend on American and international visitors having a safe and inspiring experience. This year, the fiscal year 2014 federal budget brought some relief from the damaging cuts, but it has been insufficient to bring parks back to where they were, and where they need to be—especially in advance of the 2016 Centennial.

In order to bring in more funds for visitor services, the U.S. National Park Service indicated that 115 of its 401 park units plan to seek public comments on entrance fees that could increase in 2015.

Since there’s been an 8% budget cut in funding operations in the last four years, the Grand Canyon, Yosemite, Yellowstone, Zion and Sequoia are among ten parks where proposed entrance fees will be capped at $30 per vehicle or $15 per person. Increase of entrance fees are kept for maintenance. For example, a portion of Grand Canyon’s entrance fees is saved for replacement of aging water pipelines.

In Grand Canyon’s new proposal, a pass to visit any of the national park units would remain the same at $80 per year. Bicyclists and pedestrians, however, would be charged from $12 to $15 and annual passes would rise from $50 to $60.

Got something to say about the proposal? You have 60 days to comment here. If there’s enough opposition, Park Service Director Jonathan Jarvis stated that new plans will not be implemented.

National Parks Conservation Association

Photos: Facebook/National Parks Conservation Association

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