Inside The City Of Neon Lights: Nashville


pinterest neon nashville

There are neon lights, everywhere.

The fluorescent colors welcoming me into “Crossroads, Music City.”

But these bright lights are nothing like what lights up the nights of New York, Paris, Berlin.

It’s not the individual lights of apartment and office buildings that keep these cities awake, but the unified glow of these bars on Broadway.

The street truly is the Broadway of Nashville, the center of tourism with less flashy show-business signs, and more rundown tube lights.

They welcome y’all in, to sing a little karaoke or listen to live music.

The neon colors blur into one unified blaze that provide the warmth of this city, like the burn of a campfire.

Giving off the same intimacy as if I were roasting a s’more, or telling ghost stories, or singing a campfire song.

Each bar welcomes me with a guitar, a cowboy boot, a music note, anything that provides me with the comfort that the clothes that I’m wearing are about to fit in with that sign.

The shine of the lights outside the bar let me get lost in the luminosity inside, listening to a person, just like me, singing about things I can relate to.

The south is all about coziness, ma’ams, brick walls, and southern hospitality.

It’s not a city that’s kept alive by the people as individuals, but by the physical warmth the neon creates.

pinterest neon art nashville

pinterest nashville neon

Jetset Postcards Back Schuyler Arakawa

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