Yikes!! 5 Ways To Avoid Getting Sick On A Cruise


royal caribbean cruise

An awful and extremely uncomfortable week for the Royal Caribbean cruisers, with more than 600 passengers vomiting and suffering from diarrhea. No fun for folks who were looking forward to a 10-day luxurious experience on a cruise that typically scores high on scale.

Although reasons for this horrid gastrointestinal illness still isn’t clear (though it could’ve easily have been caused by simply one person,) but one thing was clear: blame it on the noroviruses, since everyone on board seemed to be suffering from similar symptoms.

Knock on wood, but in case anyone suffers from gastrointestinal illness while traveling, here are some ways to avoid it like a plague, literally!

1. If you know someone is sick from noroviruses, remember the viruses stick around for at least another 3 days. So you might want to keep your distance, even if this person seems to be physically fine.

pinterest i will recover illness

2. NO BUFFETS!! Sharing utensils, and eating from the same stashes of foods could’ve spread the outbreak further.

pinterest buffett

3.Wash your hands! Make sure to rub your hands well with soap and use warm water. Always do so before and after meals. Need I mention, before and after bathroom breaks as well?!

pinterest wash hands

4. No more shaking hands. A wink and a smile is enough when there’s an outbreak happening.

pinterest shake hands

5. Wash your clothes! Especially if they’ve been thrown up on or stained with vomit. That’s another way for noroviruses to stick around.

pinterest washing hands


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