4 Stops Down Veggie Lane: A Vegetarian’s Guide To Barcelona


teresa carles barcelona spain vegetarian restaurant

Being a pescetarian in Barcelona has both its perks and downfalls. While “La Boqueria,”one of the largest markets full of fresh fruits and vegetables and handmade smoothies, is a vegetarian’s dream, Barcelona’s common “bocadillos,”small sandwiches filled with some sort of meat and cheese, tapas with ham, and everything with potatoes makes a healthy vegetarian lifestyle outside of La Boqueria a little more challenging. However, located in the “El Raval” neighborhood of Barcelona lies a hidden jackpot for vegetarians. Here are 4 of the best vegetarian restaurants I’ve found in Barcelona for *“Menus del Día,” all located within two minutes from each other.

1.Veggie Garden

Carrer dels Ángels, 3, 08001 Barcelona

Want exotic? Veggie Garden is a hip little café restaurant, with food and decorations inspired by the vegetarian Nepali culture. After visiting Nepal last March, I was ecstatic to find this place that offered “Dal Bhaat,” the traditional curried dish of Nepal with chickpeas, rice, and vegetables. And while they offer many Nepali options, Veggie Garden has almost every other type of vegetarian dish you could want as well. They’re famous for their delicious and unique array of veggie burgers for only 4 euros. Their “menu del día” consists of a first dish of traditional Nepali food, a salad, a soup, or other vegetarian starter, five vegetarian options for the main dish, and a dessert (including the option of one of their famous smoothies.) This is definitely one of the cheapest options, but the lower price in no case means lower quality. Veggie Garden is equally kind to your wallet as it is to your taste buds.

veggie land barcelona spain restaurant


2. Biocenter

Pintor Fortuny, 25, 08001 Barcelona

Want greens? Biocenter is the place to be if you need a little green in your life. Barcelona is not necessarily known for its impeccable salads, and if you’re looking to fulfill your salad craving, Biocenter is the winner. With a 10.20 euros menu del día including an unlimited salad bar, soup of the day, main dish, and dessert, this is what you need if you’re trying to get the most bang for your buck. The salad bar is what sets it apart in my opinion – greek salad, salad with apples, beets, sprouts, spinach, arugula, hard boiled eggs—everything you could want in a salad bar is right here. And if you can fit any more in your stomach, their spinach lasagna as a main dish is incredible.

biocenter vegetarian restaurant spain barcelona

3. Teresa Carles 

Carrer de Jovellanos, 2, 08001 Barcelona

Want rich options? Teresa Carles is the best if you’re looking to go outside of the menu del dia. They have incredible premade salads and other interesting takes on vegetarian dishes. While the premade salads aren’t always included in the menu del día, if you want to splurge on a 9-euro salad, you won’t regret it. If you decide to stick with the menu del día, you get the option of soup or salad and a main dish for 9.20 euros. I recommend the lentil burgers as your main dish, but there are so many options from burgers to salads to quinoa to whole grain spaghettini that you won’t be left unsatisfied.

teresa carles restaurant vegetarian barcelona spain

4. L’Hortet

Pintor Fortuny, 32, 08001 Barcelona

Want class? If Biocenter is the bustling teen of the vegetarian restaurants, I would call L’Hortet its classy mother. While its menu del día also offers an unlimited salad bar, main dish, dessert, and bread all for 9.20 euros, it’s a smaller feel that will be full of business people taking their lunch break. It’s usually a slightly older crowd, which can be reflected in the quality of the food. The salad bar is smaller, but a little more specialized. The bread they serve is full of oats and grains. And the main dishes are three dishes with slightly more quality. If you’re looking for a more quiet and quaint restaurant, L’Hortet is the place to be.

l'hortet vegetarian restaurant barcelona spain


*“Menus del Día” are a typical Barcelona tradition for lunch. Almost every restaurant you pass will be offering a deal that includes some combination of bread, a first dish, a main dish, and –if you’re lucky—a dessert all for a discounted price. They usually give you three or four options to choose from for each course as well, so you can cater the menu to your taste. Being on a student budget, most of my “Menus del Dia” range from 7 to 12 euros, a great deal with how much food you are served.

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