The Coolest Upside Down Christmas Tree Making A Cameo In Bangkok


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Siam Center: The Ideaolpolis is Thailand’s top hub of creativity and inspiration. It also created a major phenomenon in Asia’s art and design with the show of world class installation art called INvertical, a collaboration with SOFTlab, the New York-based owner of world class unique art pieces with art creations created in several countries around the world.

Mr. Michael Szivos, the owner and founder of SOFTlab, said, “The art piece is created specially for Siam Center.  It is the first time SOFTlab enters to Asia for an art exhibition. INvertical is inspired by one of the most iconic western cultural icons of the winter season. The upside down design of the art piece presents a different idea for Siam lovers to experience a unique, different art phenomenon in terms of elements, inverted gravity, all created into an upside down Christmas tree that is outstanding — over 5 metres in diameter and up to 10 metres high. The shape not only becomes structural, but will produce a sense of wonder and surprise as visitors move around the piece.”

So how did they create the ultimate sculpture “Invertical”?

siam center bangkok thailand 11. It’s under the ‘upside down’ concept where the piece is hung down from the ceiling above the Atrium 2 area in Siam Center.

2. The art piece is created from special red and silver Mylar materials developed by SOFTlab using a customized technique. These materials comprise over 4,000 Mylar’s translucent red and reflective silver sheets that are very thin, light and suitable for designing hanging art pieces.

3. The art piece will be covered in over 1,200 LEDs to make every component shine and glow. The components are designed to have different sizes which are hand-assembled from the base up to the top to create a priceless large-scale sculpture that is installed upside down from the ceiling.

4. it took SOFTlab’ team over three months to prepare the production and  materials – cut in pieces in New York to be assembled together at Siam Center.

When you’re in Bangkok, be prepared to see the ultimate in art piece collection.

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