The So-Called “Best View in the World”: Hill Hopping in San Sebastian



Geographically, San Sebastian’s most notable feature is La Playa de la Concha, a crescent-shaped bay that sits among three verdant peaks.  Aside from taking some time to enjoy the soft sands of the beach, make sure to pay each peak a visit, as the views are some of the most sublime sights in the world.


A castle sits atop Mount Ürgull looking out into the foreboding sea. The outcropping built into the eastern side of the mountain affords a view of the Playa de Zurriola below, where “surfistas” will likely be riding the waves, rain or shine. The beaten trails provide a more interesting journey to the top than the paved roads, delighting the adventurer with scenes of ruins from the 1700s and memorials that have been left unattended and ultimately taken over by nature. A historical museum sits inside the castle on the top. Resting beside it is a park providing stellar views of La Playa de la Concha below.

Monte Igueldo:

Situated across the bay from Monte Ürgull sits Monte Igueldo, which has an equally arduous trek to reach its peak. However, a funicular option is available for those willing to pay a few Euros to opt out on the sinuous walk to the apex. Atop the hill sits the Funfair Pleasure Park. Albeit mostly designed for small children, the amusement park does offer a few fun rides. I recommend the Montaña Suiza, a rickety version of Disneyland’s Matterhorn. It rises up to what local sources call the “best view in the whole world” before dropping down and around the castle and back into the starting gates.



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